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ILC, CDC to honor Dr. Nora C. Quebral as UPLB Legacy Lecturer

he Interactive Learning Center (ILC) in coordination with the College of Development Communication (CDC) will present the first of the UPLB Legacy Lecture Series (UPLB LSS) featuring the public presentation of the video lecture “Development Communication and the Academic Legacy of Dr. Nora C. Quebral” on April 26, 2:30-4 pm at the Continuing Education Center (CEC) in UPLB.

The video lecture will feature the life of Dr. Nora C. Quebral, Professor Emeritus, as an internationally acknowledged founding pillar of development communication and “Mother of Development Communication in UPLB,” showcasing her significant scholarly contributions to the said academic discipline.

The UPLB LSS is a program being implemented by the UPLB-ILC to honor distinguished retired faculty members and to record for posterity their collective academic experience as a valuable fount of scholarly knowledge and wisdom that could enrich learning resources and enhance the sense of intellectual heritage in the University. It is also envisioned as part of a presentation of the historical evolution of an academic field or discipline in the country.

The video lecture will showcase the scholarly contributions of the Legacy Lecturer to the field/discipline, underlining their roles in national development. The videotape of the lecture is expected to subsequently serve as introductory lecture to relevant general education/foundation courses. (Beverly R. Pabro)