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ILC sponsors Training-Workshops in April 2015

On four Mondays of April 2015, the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Academic
Affairs (OVCAA), through the Interactive Learning Center (ILC) sponsored training-
workshops on the Development/Application of Interactive Learning Materials for
faculty members at the ILC Computer Laboratory 1, 3/F, CAS Annex I Bldg.
The training workshops are regularly conducted by ILC to impart the latest
and recent trends on e-learning practices that the participants can use for teaching-
learning innovations.

Faculty members from the College of Agriculture and Human Ecology were
among the participants of the training workshops on Podcast/Vodcast/Screencast
(06 April), Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment or MOODLE
(13 April) and Edmodo Social Learning Platform (20 April). Participants were then
required to have an individual presentation of their outputs on 27 April 2015.
Certificates were given to those who completed a full day training workshop and
presentation of individual output (BRP).