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ILC @ 10

On January 26, 2015, the Interactive Learning Center (ILC) of the University of the Philippines Los Baños marked its 10th anniversary. The celebration was highlighted by a training workshop for the third (3rd ) batch of newly hired faculty members on January 12-16, a week-long offer of free coffee and biscuits for faculty and students who availed services from the center and a simple food treat enjoyed by the ILC family and student assistants.
For a decade now, ILC has been very active in conducting training programs and producing interactive learning materials such as Learning Objects (LOs) and podcasts/vodcasts, among others. In 2014, ILC conducted four training workshops on the development/application of interactive learning materials and on creating alternative tools for teaching and learning, MOODLE (Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) and innovative teaching strategies. Three of the training workshops conducted were designed for newly hired faculty members that aimed to impart the latest and recent trends on e-learning practices as well as develop skills and capabilities on the application of alternative tools for teaching and learning among faculty members.
Last year, ILC produced three learning objects (LOs) on Chemistry entitled “Hydrogen Bonding” by Prof. Ma. Desiree B. Aldemita and Prof. Joseph Carmelo K. San Pascual, “Chemical Equilibrium” by Prof. Ma. Desiree B. Aldemita and “Active Site of Enzymes” by Mark Richard N. Angela from the Institute of Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences, UP Los Baños. The mentioned LOs were uploaded in the ILC website in January, February and October, respectively. To date, the following 12 LOs are now available for easy access among faculty and students as supplemental learning materials for various topics on Chemistry, Economics and Physics courses:
1. “Rotation of Rigid Bodies” by Marvin U. Herrera (May 2008)
2. “Price Elasticity” by Amelia L. Bello (May 2008)
3. “Basics of Inflation” by Agham C. Cuevas (July 2008)
4. “Multiplier Effect” by Niño Manalo (March 2010)
5. “Consumption Function” by Agham C. Cuevas (May 2011)
6. “Money” by Prof. Amelia L. Bello (May 2012)
7. “The Concept of Marginal Utility” by Prof. Ma. Angeles Catelo (May 2013)
8. “Van der Waals “ by Dr. Mary Ann O. Torio (May 2013)
9. “Peptide Sequencing” by Prof. Ma. Desiree Aldemita and Prof. Joseph Carmelo K. San Pascual (November 2013)
10. “Hydrogen Bonding” by Prof. Ma. Desiree Aldemita and Prof. Joseph Carmelo K. San Pascual (January 2014)
11. “Chemical Equilibrium” by Prof. Ma. Desiree Aldemita (February 2014)
12. “ Active Site of Enzymes” by Prof. Mark Richard N. Angelia (October 2014)

The center continuously offers online and offline computer access of students to lecture materials of various general education/foundation courses. An ILC Hub (with 9 computers) was established at the UPLB Main Library to cater to students even beyond office hours, weekends and whenever the library is open. ILC also provided use of its computer laboratories for hands-on computer exercises of different courses and support to administrative activities, among others. Moreover, with the acquisition of two new video cameras and upgrading of its equipment, ILC now provides video/photo documentation services in several university activities and outside clientele. It also oversee the Management of MOODLE (Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) under the ILC website as well as continuously strive for excellence in performing its duly-approved projects and activities. (BRP)