Hydrogen Bonding

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Title: Hydrogen Bonding
Author: Prof. D. Aldemita and Prof. J. San Pascual
Date: Tuesday, 07 January 2014
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This learning object is a publication of the ILC, University of the Philippines Los Baños. The people behind this project are:

Authors: Prof. Ma. Desiree A. Belina-Aldemita
Mr. Joseph Carmelo K. San Pascual
Content Editor: Dr. Macario P. Catahan
Instructional Designer: Dr. Norma N. Fajardo
Language Editor: Prof. Noel K. Torreta
Voiceover: Mr. Lloyd M. Lapoot
Graphic Artist: Mr. Jared Hael Plata


After viewing the learning object, the students should be able to
1. define and describe hydrogen bonding;
2. recognize substances that exhibit hydrogen bonding;
3. illustrate the formation of hydrogen bonding among molecules;
4. describe the effects of hydrogen bonding on some physical properties of substances.

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Prof. D. Aldemita and Prof. J. San Pascual. Hydrogen Bonding (Online Interactive Learning Object). University of the Philippines Los Baños. Accessed 16 July 2018.