Multiplier Effects

Learning Object
Title: Multiplier Effects
Author: Prof. Niño Nanalo
Date: Friday, 12 March 2010
Action: Click to play the learning object Play the learning object.
Prerequisite: Adobe Shockwave Flash

This learning object is a publication of the ILC, University of the Philippines Los Banos. The people behind this learning object are:

Author: Nino Alejandro Q. Manalo
Instructional Designer: John Paul F. Maligalig
Content Reviewer/Editor: U-primo E. Rodriguez
Language Editor: Fulgencio DL. Mojica
Graphic Artist: Samuel O. Bongay

After Completing the learning object, you should be able to:

1. Define the multiplier effect;
2. Identify situations that lead to the multiplier effect; and
3. Demonstrate the effects of changes in the different expenditure components on equilibrium national income.

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Suggested citation for this learning object:

Prof. Niño Nanalo. Multiplier Effects (Online Interactive Learning Object). University of the Philippines Los Baños. Accessed 19 September 2017.


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