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Scope of Grant

  1. The grant shall support the development of interactive multimedia instructional materials for officially approved undergraduate courses. Objective, concept, process, procedure, etc. shall refer to the main teaching/learning material which presents the subject matter defined by the syllabus.
  2. The grant shall not cover proposals for non-interactive multimedia instructional materials, e.g., slides, transparencies, audio, video, etc.
  3. Priority shall be given to courses with high enrollment, high attrition, high failure rate and core or appreciation courses best presented using interactive multimedia technology and for which no suitable multimedia instructional materials (foreign or local) are available.
  4. The grant shall be for at most 6 months for one learning object, 12 months for two or more. In exceptional cases, it may be extended up to two to four months. The extension must be justified and proof of work completed must be presented. No additional funds shall be provided for the extension.
  5. The amount of the grant is PHP 12,000 per learning object. In case of groups, the team leader will receive an additional PHP 2,000 per learning object except for his/her own learning object.