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Obligations of Grantees

  1. Grantees shall continue to perform their regular functions as faculty during the grant period. In no case shall the faculty be given overload pay for the material development grant. Should the recipient resign before completing the project, he/she shall automatically lose the grant and return the unused amount based on the result of an audit official.
  2. Grantees shall present orally to the UPLB ILC Advisory Committee their initial interactive instruction material three months after the award commences and final report within 15 days after the grant ends.
  3. Grantees who fail to comply with the terms of the grant and those whose grants are terminated for cause during the project period shall return the full amount received. Grantees shall also be subject to other sanctions prescribed by pertinent University rules.
  4. UPLB ILC reserves the right to rescind the contract if provision(s) in contract agreement is/are not followed.