ILC conducts RTDs on Interactive Learning from October to December 2012

In line with the policy of mainstreaming interactive learning in the university, the Interactive Learning Center (ILC) in coordination with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Instruction and Office of the Chancellor conducted nine sessions of Roundtable Discussions (RTDs) on interactive learning from Oct. 23 – Dec. 10, 2012 at the Executive Conference Room, 3rd flr, UPLB Administration Building.

New LOs in the making

In 2009, 15 new approved Learning Objects (LOs) are now being developed at the Interactive Learning Center (ILC). Listed below are the various topics on Chemistry (8), Physics (1), Economics (6) which are expected to be finished this year.

Circular Flow Diagram of the Economy
The Concept of Marginal Utility
The Consumption Function
Production Function
Diminishing Marginal Productivity

Torque of Rotating Rigid Bodies

General Chemistry
Nature and Property of Enzymes
Peptide Sequencing
Gel Filtration Chromatography
Enzymes Mechanism of Action

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